3D Creation

Decide on a 3D-model, tweak its look, style, and feel, and put it to use in your game.

Stop wasting time creating endless background objects

Our fancy algorithm allows you to quickly generate custom 3D assets, so that you can focus on making your game.

Save time

Use our object templates as a starting point - new templates are continuously added! Search for specific objects you are looking for, or browse collections to get inspired.

Easy customization

Customize the objects to your liking using simple sliders (sloyders). There is even one for changing LOD!

New sliders are continuously added!

Scene management

Create scenes to organize your creations and see how assets look in context of each other. You can even apply the same style to all objects in a scene - talk about time saver!

3D doesn't have to be a time sink

Endless Variation

Export as many variations for each object as you want! Use the randomizer for quick variations.

Consistent style

When you have customized your style, save it as a preset and apply to all your models.

Any Level of Detail (LOD)

Our Level of Detail slider ensures you have all the versions you need.

Optimized models

Models come with UV-unwrapping for fast texturing, and are optimized with no double vertices.

Isn't this just prefabs?

Kind of, but not quite. It’s Procedural.

Worried that your art will not be unique? Our models are based on templates, not prefabricated objects. This means you can procedurally manipulate them into something completely unique using our sloyders (sliders) and by adding keywords to your search. You can always export and edit in your 3D tool.’s also Machine Learning.

Machine Learning lets us add new object templates on a regular basis.
Even more exciting, you can start exploring new ground by combining any templates you can think of.

Want more?

We are also building a Software Development Kit.

We want everyone to be able to access the creation algorithm we have made. That’s why we will launch the SDK in 2022, so that you can generate 3D in real-time inside your games and experiences.

Access to 3D objects + performance increase

By using Sloyd in the game engine you can create new engaging creation experiences, or procedurally generated games. Because objects are generated on the fly and not stored locally, you can drastically reduce storage size! You can also do cool things like generate the right LOD based on device capabilities - perfect for multi-device games like mobile.
Get in contact with us if you want to explore the opportunities.

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