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For creators by passionate creators

The Founding Team

We want to enable a world where everybody can create experiences in 3D.

Where creators starting out with 3D are limited only by their imagination.

And where professionals build the product of their dreams without doing the boring repetitive work of making all those background items.

Avi Latner


A product person with experience scaling up entertainment and media startups. Background in engineering from BGU and MIT and past experience as VP product and design studio manager. Passionate about creator communities, data and generative machine learning.

Andreas Edesberg


User-centric business guy with Big 4 consultancy experience. Building digital products, and having fun doing it. (Btw: he's a musician and podcast host too)

Øyvind Sørøy


20+ years experience with real-time 3D, 10+ years in the gaming industry from indie to AAA, development team lead and coder. Interested in automation and robotics towards creation. Likes colonthree. :3

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